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Blau Suspension Systems a Division of Blaufergnugen Inc.

Would you like to purchase BLAU® shocks and struts but are not an automotive business? Click here to purchase at our retail site: BlauParts.com.
  • 10 Reasons Why To Buy BLAU® Shocks and Struts For Your Vehicle:

    • Limited Life Time Warranty
    • Money Back 30 Day Guarantee
    • Guaranteed Direct Fit Replacement
    • Fast Same Day Affordable Shipping
    • Engineered for your Specific Model
    • R&D Race Track Tested
    • Less Vehicle Body Roll During Cornering
    • Nitrogen Gas Filled, Superior Dampening Performance
    • Multi-Viscosity Shock Oil Containing Mos2 Moly Lubricant Resists Fluid Breakdown
    • O.E. Quality, Manufactured to TUV, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 standards

  • See the Opportunity? Become an Installer!

    Sign up and become a BLAU® Suspension Systems installer and be listed in our installer directory posted on our websites. Receive referrals from potential customers who need Audi, VW, BMW (other makes coming). shock, strut or suspension repair. “Get in on the ground floor” and secure your area to become part of our BLAU® installer team and increase your bottom line!

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  • Feel the Road™ + Engineered Quality

    BLAU® is synonymous with German automotive design, engineering and quality disciplines. We understand how important it is for owners to restore their suspension back to that new car feel. Our engineers thoroughly design and test our suspension systems on the street and race track. Valuable feedback from our customers also influences the design of our products.

    After you install our shocks you'll notice the more responsive vehicle ride quality. This translates through the steering wheel and inspires the driving confidence you'll come to love. You'll also notice less vehicle body roll during cornering without sacrificing your everyday straight line driving comfort. By listening to discriminating European car owners like you, coupled with our own 25 years of specialized German automotive know how, we've been able to develop a Feel the Road™ driving experience that you can only experience with BLAU® Shocks and Struts.


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A website dedicated to our BLAU® Audi shocks and struts, VW shocks and struts, BMW shocks and struts and Volvo! (more models coming soon) Everything you need to know about Audi shocks, VW shocks, BMW shocks and Volvo shocks! 'How to' write ups about troubleshooting Audi, VW, BMW and Volvo suspension noises are coming soon. BLAU® Suspension Systems is happy to answer your Audi shock, VW shock, BMW shock and Volvo shock repair and replacement questions. Our BLAU® Audi VW BMW Volvo shock and strut kits are designed to restore that new car feel again. 1st the world over in Audi VW BMW Volvo shocks and struts kit concepts. Feel the road!

BLAU® has kits for many Audi models: Audi A4 shocks (96-01), Audi A4 shocks (02-05), Audi A6 struts (95-97), Audi A6 shocks (98-04), Audi S4 struts (Ur), Audi S4 shocks (Ur), Audi S6 struts (Ur), Audi S6 shocks (Ur), Audi TT struts, Audi TT shocks. Our Audi shock strut kits make replacement easy!

BLAU® has many kits for many BMW Models: BMW 323 shocks, BMW 325 shocks, BMW 328 shocks, BMW 330 shocks, BMW 525 Shocks, BMW 528 shocks, BMW 530 shocks, BMW X5 shocks. Our BMW shock strut kits make replacement easy!

BLAU® has kits for many VW Volkswagen models: VW Passat shocks, VW Passat struts, VW Jetta shocks, VW Jetta struts, VW Golf shocks, VW Golf struts, VW Beetle shocks, VW Beetle struts, VW Passat 4Motion shocks. Our VW shock strut kits make replacement easy!

BLAU® has kits for many Volvo models: Volvo 850 shocks, Volvo C70 struts, Volvo S60 struts, Volvo S70 shocks, Volvo S80 struts, Volvo V70 shocks, Our Volvo shock strut kits make replacement easy!

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