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FAQ About BLAU® Audi Vw Shocks and Struts

Q. Will BLAU® shocks work with AFTERMARKET lowering springs?

A.No. BLAU® shocks are NOT intended or designed to be used on vehicles equipped with AFTERMARKET lowering sport springs (i.e. H&R, Eibach or others). These spring kits tend to lower the vehicle more than 1” which makes them dimensionally not compatible with BLAU®'s shocks. We receive many telephone calls from customers who ask, “If my vehicle is lowered just a smidgen more than 1" will your shocks work?” Our answer is, “No.” Do not purchase our strut shock kit if your vehicle has AFTERMARKET lowering springs. Installing BLAU® shocks and struts in conjunction with aftermarket lowering springs voids your warranty.

Q. Will BLAU® shocks work with FACTORY 'Sport' suspensions?
A. Yes. Vehicles with 'Sport' suspension from the FACTORY, have shorter springs that results in a slightly lowered vehicle stance of approximately 1” (Unlike AFTERMARKET springs that lower more than 1".) along with shock absorbers that have been valved to yield a slightly firmer ride. Our shock kits will work on these suspensions.

Q. What do I have? FACTORY 'Sport' or 'Comfort' suspension? How can I find out?
A. Starting in 1999 it became more common for Audi and Vw models to be offered with two suspension options from the factory. A 'Comfort' suspension systems (stock ride height), or a 'Sport' suspension system (lowered ride height). Some customers have contacted their dealer with their VIN to find out what type of suspension corresponds with their vehicle. Only an authorized Audi Vw dealer can access the bill of material info, which reveals what suspension was used on your vehicle. Blauparts is an independent Audi Vw parts specialist and doesn't have access to this bill of material info. Therefore, we cannot determine or confirm your suspension setup.

Q. How stiff do BLAU® shocks ride? What will they feel like?
A. BLAU® shocks have been engineered to provide firmer ride characteristics than that of the stock 'Comfort' setup. As a result of BLAU® shocks being gas charged, they're approximately 20% firmer versus the OE 'Comfort' suspension. Experience BLAU®'s firm sporty ride without the harshness that is often associated with some sport suspension upgrades. BLAU® shock absorber valving is designed specifically for each individual vehicle application and supply the perfect amount of firmness to help you "Feel The Road." Note: TT shocks and 2002-06 A4 shocks have the ride characteristics of their stock oe feel. These shocks would not be considered 20% firmer.

Q. Can I purchase only 4 or 2 shocks? Do I have to buy the whole kit?
A. BLAU® shocks are only sold in sets of 4 or 2. We also sell complete kits which typically includes 2 front struts, 2 rear shocks and all strut and shock accessories (mounts, hardware etc.). Shocks or struts are not available for individual sale.

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