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Suspension Kit Technology

Jim Blau Jr. is the owner of Blau Suspension Systems a Division of Blaufergnugen Inc.. Jim's last name 'Blau' means the color blue in German. Jim started working on European cars at the young age of 14, restoring a 1962 Volvo 122s with his dad. Jim's father owned a car dealership in the 1960s called Tosa Imports in Milwaukee, WI. It was the first Volvo, Saab, Alfa Romero, Triumph, Subaru, and Suzuki dealership in the state of Wisconsin. Jim's dad competitively campaigned Triumphs and Alfa Romeos throughout the Midwest in the 1960s and was a successful race car driver who won a many races. This heritage sparked Jim's enthusiasm for European cars and his love for going fast while driving them! Jim started working as a technician on imports in his youth and eventually started his own business Blaufergnugen! Inc. in the early 1990s, specializing in Audi’s and Volkswagen’s.

Blaufergnugen! Inc. is a family-owned business with a strong German heritage. We've based our company on a values system that is closely alined with principles associated with the “Golden Rule”. We strive to treat our customers and employees based on those principles. We understand we have a serious obligation to our customers because they trust that we will supply them with high quality products.

Today, the BLAU® brand name of products has become synonymous with German automotive design and engineering disciplines as well as the ethics associated with German high-quality standards. we follow ISO 9001 quality assurance product and management disciplines. We work to continually improve the process of supplying you with the best customer service and to sell you the correct and highest-quality products, every time!

About BLAU® Shock Development and Engineering Strategy

One of the things you love about your European car is the unique driving experience it gives you. However, in time with increasing mileage, many begin to experience poor vehicle handling that feels less than responsive along with a soft and spongy feeling. We understand how important it is for owners to restore their suspension back to that genuine "Feel the Road™" driving experience. The development goals of our engineers are plain and simple..... to make that happen!

How did we accomplish this? First, we talked with the European enthusiasts car owners who have stock factory shock absorbers and asked them what improvements they'd like to see in regards to the ride and handling of the standard suspension. Our engineers used this valuable input to manufacture and thoroughly street and race track test our BLAU® shocks. During the R/D development process we made continued improvements. Refinements that affect the dampening characteristics resulting in less vehicle body roll during cornering without sacrificing everyday straight line driving comfort. Valve refinements produce firmer, more responsive vehicle ride quality that translates through the steering wheel. This improved ride quality provides even more confidence for drivers. By listening to fellow discriminating European car owners, coupled with our 25 years of specialized German automotive knowledge base, our engineers are able to provide customers a genuine Feel the Road™ ride quality which is synonymous with German automobiles.

If you are a professional repair shop or retailer we encourage you to Sign up and become a BLAU® Suspension Systems installer or dealer and be listed in our directory which we plan to post on our websites. Receive referrals from potential customers who need Audi, VW, BMW (more makes coming). shock, strut or suspension repair. “Get in on the ground floor”, increase your repair shops bottom line and secure your area.

About BLAU® Shock Features:

Warranty BMW 330 Shock - BMW 330 Shocks - BlauBLAU® shock absorber kits make shock installation easier because they include the necessary related components (i.e. mounts, stops, boots) and assembly hardware that is commonly needed for successful shock replacement.

  1. The valving of BLAU® shock absorbers has been designed specifically for each individual vehicle application. Suspension Ride and Driving Experience Information.

  2. BLAU® shock absorbers feature both Japanese mono tube and twin tube designs. These designs allow for a free-floating shock shaft piston, with chambers inside the shock separating the oil from a high-pressure gas charge. You can expect reduced body roll when cornering and excellent dampening characteristics while you conquer demanding road conditions.

  3. BLAU® shock absorbers are filled with Nitrogen gas, delivering superior performance. Nitrogen gas lessens aeration of the shock's dampening fluid. This maintains continuous shock dampening performance, reducing shock fade, and results in less tire wear and longer suspension component life.

  4. Unlike other popular brand-name shocks, BLAU® shock absorbers are filled with a long life, multi-viscosity oil containing Mos2 moly lubricant. Mos2 helps resist fluid breakdown and maintains year round shock fluid performance under all weather driving conditions. Mos2 greatly reduces wear on all internal shock components, extending the shock life for years of great shock performance.

  5. Advanced internal self-lubricating shock components from Japan result in less shock shaft friction combined with a Fluon banded shock shaft piston, increasing shock life and improving dampening sensitivity.

  6. BLAU® shocks meet / exceed the quality of original equipment. R & D Tested, We're so confident of the superior quality over any other brand that we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Manufactured ISO/TS 16949 quality certified, which is part of ISO 9001 standards and specific to the automotive industry.

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